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Patch 3
Patch Date:
5 August 2015

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New features[]

  • Camera rotation (tadaaaa)
    • Enable it via the options menu, it's disabled by default.
    • In some levels the edges of the map is visible when the camera is rotated, this will be fixed in the next update.
  • New highlight system, when selecting a Monster, NPC, Chests etc an outline is shown making it visually easier to see what you're selecting.
  • New selection system, selecting monster and NPC is now better with our new selection system.
  • Options added to the pause menu.


  • Fixed Kiera icon in Town where it would flicker between yellow and white.
  • Fixed falling through the bridge in Mission 7 after a load.
  • Fixed issues with some steps in Mission 4 where the characters couldn't get back up.
  • Fixed "The Choice" Achievement it wasn't given when completing the game.
  • Fixed Cursor in multi- monitor configuration.
  • Fixed Gigas Key in Mission 15
  • Fixed loot respawn in Mission 1