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Patch 2
Patch Date:
30 July 2015

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Patch notes on Steam
  • Added v-sync option in the graphics options menu.
  • Added locking mouse to single screen in multiple monitor setup.
  • Added Toggle to show or hide loot labels.
  • Clarify that the blacksmith isn't in town until mission 2 is completed.
  • Moving the crafting components vendor closer to the blacksmith.
  • Make regroup area clearer/larger in mission 7.
  • Clarifying what equipment a warrior can and can't equip.
  • Fixed Kiera's health regeneration when out of combat.
  • Fixed an issue with equipment comparer.
  • Fixed an exploit in mission 9 where infinite enemies would spawn.
  • Fixed path finding in mission 7.
  • Fixed Catapult animation glitch.
  • Fixed Giant animation glitch.
  • Fixed bug with turning in mission 3 when you had 35 villagers rescued.
  • Fixed an issue where the gate in mission 15 wouldn't open after destroying the trebuchets.
  • Fixed an issue where the data from Thorfinn was overridden in Mission 11.
  • Other various minor fixes and tweaks.